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This is the Logo For Firefox Mobile

Logos are very important in the computing world. A single logo can easily identify what the product is, as well as emotions of love or hate. Think of all the times when you see a product logo or placement in a TV show or movie and you say to yourself, "Oh I have that one too!" or "Grrr, I really hate that company with that silly logo!"

Also, logos are what helps us identify programs through pictured shortcuts. While there's always text that accompanies the icon, we often look for the picture before the words.

Mozilla has one of the most iconic images in web browsers with its Firefox that wraps itself around a picture of the globe, and it hopes to repeat that success with the mobile version of the software.

Check out the logo named "Pocketfox," which the artist hoped to capture the image of "A handy browser which is always with you." Read the full blog post here.

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