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Gearing Up, Mobile Social Style

A Day In The Life

Life is unpredictable. One day you’re sitting in a coffee shop, minding your own business, checking your Facebook page on your netbook. Next thing you know, you’re looking out the window watching a security guard chase a shoplifter who is running out of a jewelry store. You grab your handycam to record this bit of action, but after a few seconds things get serious and alleged thief gets tasered. Ouch!

You know this clip will be controversial—and you’re not really sure who is at fault, so you plug in your video camera and upload the video to Youtube (with a link to your personal site) so the public can find out about this incident. The video goes viral. Your blog reaps lots of traffic, too.

Not every day is that dramatic, but it pays to be alert and equipped with the right tools to share your experiences, especially if you’re a blogger with a devoted fan base. So, when it comes to mobile social computing, we like the Boy Scout’s motto: Be prepared. That’s why we’ve gathered up some of the best affordable and lightweight products for effective computing on the go.

But the products we picked—a netbook, a video camera, a hard drive, and a bag to carry it all—aren’t just efficient and value-oriented. They’re also nice to look at. We think that people who spend a lot of time computing in public want to look good while they’re doing it, so for our mobile social networking outfit, we accessorized.  Every product featured here comes in several colors and sports attractive design elements. Now, get out there and self-publish on the Internet in style!