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Missing Boy Found on Facebook 27 Years Later

The Guardian today tells the story of one mother who found her long lost son on Facebook, having previously not seen hide nor hair of him in 25 years.

Avril Grube claims that in 1982, her son Gavin Paros went on a weekend holiday to his father’s homeland of Hungary, but three year old Gavin never returned. After years of trying to locate her son, Grube gave up hope of ever seeing her little boy again.

That was until recently, when her sister Beryl googled Gavin’s name and discovered his Facebook. According to the Guardian, Paros’s father died four years ago and the man, now 30 and with three children of his own, signed up for Facebook to try and locate his English family.

Mother and son met first time in 27 years at Grube’s nursing home where she now lives following a stroke. Despite needing a translator to make conversation, Avril hopes to meet her grandchildren for the first time and said it was the happiest moment of her life. Love it or hate it, social networking has its uses.