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Misfit Bolt is $50 Plug-and-Play Smart Bulb

LAS VEGAS — Misfit is really committed to getting in your bedroom. After launching sleep-tracking wearables, the company today (Jan. 6) announced its Bolt smart light bulb here at CES. The $50 Misfit Bolt can connect to your Shine, Flash or Beddit sleep monitor to turn on when it senses you are coming out of deep slumber.

You can pre-order the Bolt starting today, and it will ship in February. I spent some time with Misfit in its suite to see how the Bolt worked and was impressed with how well it performed.

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You can pick one of 16 million colors for the bulb to glow via a spectrum in the Misfit Home app (iOS and Android), but you can also select one of the predefined scenes, such as Forest (green), Volcano Island (red and orange), Bright Day (white), Romantic (reds) and Rainbow (pulsing, changing colors). You can also customize a colorful scene for yourself, or pick a picture you like and select colors from that image. 

During my demo, Misfit's reps controlled three lights in the room, and the interaction between the app and bulbs was speedy.

While you won't be able to set the lights to change colors to music, Misfit said it is working on implementing that feature. You can already do that with the Philips Hue lights. When you connect your Misfit Shine or Flash to the bulbs via the app, you can turn your lights on and off with a simple double-tap on the wearable. With that connection, you can also set the bulbs to turn off when you enter REM sleep or slowly grow brighter as you get out of REM sleep.

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