Preview: HP's Tiny New MiniNote 2133

Touring The HP MiniNote

Headphone and microphone jacks on the side mean that you can listen to music or use the MiniNote for Skype. There are also two USB ports, one with a power connector built in for use with HP external optical drives.

hp mininote

One USB port has power for running an optical drive, and the VGA port doesn’t need an adapter.

The VGA connector is full size, so you don’t need to carry an adapter. There’s an Ethernet port on the side and a hardware wireless switch on the front of the case to control the 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi (unlike the MacBook Air, it doesn’t support 802.11n). Like other HP machines, this one doesn’t let you see whether Wi-Fi is turned on or off before you power up the PC, but it does glow blue when it’s on, so it’s easy to spot. The HP Quick Launch Buttons software is included, although there isn’t a dedicated button from which to launch it.

hp mininote The power and Wi-Fi switches on the front of the HP MiniNote.

hp mininote A second USB port, Ethernet, SD and Express Card slots give you plenty of connection options.

With a real hard drive in the MiniNote, the SD card slot is useful for transferring files from your camera or phone. There’s also an Express Card slot so you can plug in an EVDO or 3G card without taking up a USB port, which compensates for the fact that there isn’t a model with this built-in. That adds up to more connections than the MacBook Air. The memory slot is concealed, but three screws under the battery release the keyboard for easy access. hp mininote

There’s no access from the base of the HP MiniNote, but you can reach the memory slots by undoing three screws behind the battery.

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  • Luscious
    This laptop has already been reviewed on a few other sites and is definitely getting some attention.

    Reminds me so much of the Fujitsu P1120 I used to own back in 2003 - same 8.9″ screen, 2.5″ HDD, Windows XP, non-Intel CPU, same keyboard layout, battery, PC card slot… The resemblance is remarkable. It’s as if HP took the P1120 shell, redesigned it and stuffed it with 2008 hardware.

    For $499, this kicks Asus EEE butt. The $749 top-spec version will make $1799 MacBook Air owners go into rehab.

    I could throw in a 320 (or 500 if I wait) gigabyte hard drive in this device and retire my portable DVD player/Archos. With a wireless broadband card, it is small enough to sit down with ANYWHERE and instantly blog/email etc. Load up Cool Edit Pro on this and with the right audio cable you can transform it into a highly portable recording/editing/mixing deck. This mini-note is just a KILLER device.

    I suspect HP is closely scrutinizing early reviews of the unit, because even THEY must know XP on this is sure to run better, and if VIA does offer better performance with Isaiah, then you can bet this is just an introductory product and HP may offer something better in the near future.

    I had my eye on a tx2000t. Yes, that's the C2D version, until HP suddenly pulled it from the market. I'd like to know what else HP has in the works.
  • Anonymous
    This isn't anything I've been told by HP, just my own suspicion; I wonder if Microsoft is evaluating what license price to charge for XP on UMPCs as it works through plans for the Eee and the OLPC and the Classmate.
  • Luscious
    Tommycheck this out also... [...] l-atom-cpu

    I'd like to see how that 1.8GHz speed works in real life with Vista.

    Mary - you know XP will be off the market soon. Knowing M$, I wouldn't be surprised if they push (cough*force*cough) hardware manufacturers to develop better hardware. XP may get a few more months of final sales with the OLPC arrangement that's in place right now, but in the long term even these devices will have to saddle up with Vista - which is why I'm sure there has to be better products coming down the road. I cannot think keeping XP alive is in the best interests of M$. They want to sell Vista - it barely runs on it, but M$ wants to sell it.

    I'm surprised how very little battery time the HP gets though - my little Fujitsu ran for over 4 hours on the regular battery, and would probably have easily done 7 hours with an extended battery.
  • Anonymous
    Ever heard of kilograms, mrs. Washington? Don't let you medieval units confuse us, the people of 21st century.