12 Asus Eee PC Clones

This year has seen the emergence of a new category of portable PC – the low-cost ultra-portable. In these times of diminishing purchasing power, users seem to feel (rightly or wrongly, but we’re not here to debate that) that today’s PCs are over-sized and overpowered, and manufacturers have gotten the message. After the success of Asus’s Eee PC, nearly all manufacturers are getting into what they see as a profitable market.

Many are called, but how many will be chosen?

The computers we’ll be talking about in this roundup have a lot in common. They’re all in the ultra-portable (also called sub-notebook, or netbook) class – that is, they each feature a 10-inch or smaller display, as opposed to the 13- to 17-inch screens on standard laptops/notebooks, consume relatively little power, and, above all, are priced affordably.

The most expensive model in our selection costs approximately $1,250, but the majority are priced at between $450 and $650. Keeping in mind the fact that ultra-portables have traditionally sold for close to $3,200, you can understand why these machines have been such a hit. But it is unclear whether each of these sub-notebook contenders will meet with the same success as Asus, which enjoys an sizable lead over the competition.

Editor’s Note: The machines we’ve highlighted in this article are interesting examples of the attempts by international manufacturers to compete with Asus, but not all of them are currently destined for the U.S. market. Next to each computer, we’ll indicate any U.S. availability information.

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  • Where did you get the impression that the MSI Wind was going to cost $700? The announced price for the Linux version is $399. At that price, it blows away the Eee PC 900/901.
  • U-Dub
    The EEE 900 was released May 12, 2008 - not June 2008 as stated.
  • Please use a sortable HTML table like somebody from this century.
  • rainspainplain
    I don't get why you say the HP is too expensive. It's specs seem to be way better than the other laptops you reviewed, and the price seems about average among the laptops you reviewed.
  • Why is HP mini-note out of competition? In the article, the author says the reason is its price. However, given the price of EEE 900 being equal to that of HP M-N ($549 vs $499-599$), and the specs of mininote is better than EEE 900, I don't see the reason recommending EEE 900 over HP Mini-note. The SSD on the EEE might be faster than 5400rpm HDD, but since it's a UMPC, it is intended for light computing tasks.
  • ...except for the fact that the MSI Wind will be priced at $400, not $700 like this article says. This makes it far and away the winner, IMO.

  • Oh, and in case you're wondering about the speed of Wind's Atom processor...


    Yeah, it's fast.
  • All of You sad PR type-in-every-forum people.... You really don't get it, do You?? It's the SSD FLASH HARD DRIVE that makes the eee 10 times better then any other of these eee-wannabe's(only the classmate has any merit). it 10 times faster, eat's 5 times less power and is 100% drop, kick, fall, slam-your-mother-in-low-on-the-head proof. amateurs >:?
  • F J Walter
    A nice HTML table (or even CSV) would be nice, as that image is hard to read.

    I would be very interested in seeing actual battery life on the MSI Wind. The claim is 6 to 7 hours. If anybody has done any tests, I would definitely be interested.
  • Patrick Moorhead
    Having used many of these mini-notebooks, the entire product category could have some issues for different reasons for different consumers. There are big trade-offs between a mini and a full notebook at the same price.

    More at my blog at http://blogs.amd.com/patmoorhead/archive/2008/05/14/Thirty-days-with-a-small-amp-inexpensive-sub-notebook-the-minuses.aspx
  • nachowarrior
    i checked the chart.... the best feature IMO about the asus eee pc is the ssd. So many people keep bashing around their lapotps then getting upset because they don't work anymore... SSD is a must in sub notebooks in my opinion because they're just durable, they're faster, and more reliable. Why would you want anything but flash in something this small? extra storage? what's the point of having it if it's just going to break? These companies products will likely fail, or not do well due to this lacking feature. under the durability logic, anything mobile should have an ssd.
  • nicemachines
    Asus Eee PC 1000
    If anyone has noticed, the display is 1024
    x 600, normally this resolution on all the computers I have seen have 1024 X 768! There is 168 horizontal pixels missing! What were they thinking? Well, maybe that's why they (big maybe)get 7 hours battery life. From what I have ran across, you might be lucky getting 5 hours. Where is the honesty in advertising? Why is America the LAST to get anything here with these notebooks?
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