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12 Asus Eee PC Clones

Low-cost Ultra-portables Roundup

Many are called, but how many will be chosen?

The computers we’ll be talking about in this roundup have a lot in common. They’re all in the ultra-portable (also called sub-notebook, or netbook) class – that is, they each feature a 10-inch or smaller display, as opposed to the 13- to 17-inch screens on standard laptops/notebooks, consume relatively little power, and, above all, are priced affordably.

The most expensive model in our selection costs approximately $1,250, but the majority are priced at between $450 and $650. Keeping in mind the fact that ultra-portables have traditionally sold for close to $3,200, you can understand why these machines have been such a hit. But it is unclear whether each of these sub-notebook contenders will meet with the same success as Asus, which enjoys an sizable lead over the competition.

Editor’s Note: The machines we’ve highlighted in this article are interesting examples of the attempts by international manufacturers to compete with Asus, but not all of them are currently destined for the U.S. market. Next to each computer, we’ll indicate any U.S. availability information.