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The Xbox Onesie is So Dumb That I Want It

No, it's not April Fool's Day. The folks at Xbox Australia have in fact unveiled the "Xbox Onesie," which is, well, a onesie for folks who really love Xbox. Microsoft's gamer-centric sweatsuit (I can't believe I just typed that sentence) is completely ridiculous, and I absolutely need one.

Photo: Xbox Australia

Photo: Xbox Australia

The Xbox Onesie will be available in white and black (much like the Xbox One itself), and touts a handful of features that could prove useful during a long day of binge gaming. The most notable benefit is the set of gigantic pockets meant to hold your Xbox controller or media remote, which is complemented by a pouch on the arm that lets you store your phone.

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There are -- I'm not kidding -- forearm grips to keep you from slipping off of your couch during a heated Halo match, as well as an extra-large hood designed to accommodate your gaming headset. You can even get your Gamertag embroidered onto the chest.

Unfortunately for those crazy enough to buy one, the Xbox Onesie is limited to Australia for now, and there's no word on pricing or availability. The white version in particular makes a nice complement to Microsoft's excellent new Xbox One S, and a bundle deal would be a great idea for the extra-lazy gamer.

As wacky as the idea of an Xbox Onesie is, I would totally wear one. The thing seems cozy as heck, and, in my opinion, actually looks pretty cool. The controller pockets would let me walk around and talk with my headset plugged in, and it would be pretty neat to have a piece of clothing with my Gamertag on it. Here's hoping the Xbox Onesie's price isn't as ridiculous as the very concept of it.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily