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Microsoft Kinect Creates an IR Constellation

While people brave the elements for Microsoft’s Kinect, a New Zealander decided to set up one in his living room, and see how everything looked like through the infrared spectrum.

RumblePackNZ uploaded a video on YouTube featuring the IR profile of Microsoft’s new motion control device for the Xbox 360. With all lights off, the TV staying on, and the Kinect directly below it, Rumble stuck a pair of IR goggles over his digital camera and took a sweeping video of the room.

Everything within the Kinect’s range was lit up with a constellation of dots, making the area look like a green-hued version of space. The video emphasizes the need for unobstructed spaces for the Kinect—and other motion-control systems—to work properly. Dots do appear behind obstacles, but much more appear on surfaces directly exposed to the Kinect.