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It's Sonic, but it's no Screwdriver

If Doctor Who taught me anything, it's that no electronic problem can't be surmounted through the generous application of high-frequency sound waves. While this sonic device isn't exactly up to spec for opening doors and hacking computers, it will come in handy during a brilliant escape sequence.

The Micro Sonic Grenade is, to put it simply, a flashbang, but without the flash. It generates an ear-splitting 115 decibels upon "detonation," sure to stun your foes, or since you're not really a Time Lord, your officemates. The tough rubber shell ensures that it'll survive getting hurled about any environment and still pack its punch.

The grenade's about $10 a pop over at ThinkGeek, so better snap them up before the office prankster does.

[source: ThinkGeek]