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Mercury: The Luxurious Bullet Train of the Future

Priestmangoode has a rep for designing first-class vehicle accommodations. The British firm, to boost its street cred and breath new life into train cabin design, recently unveiled its Mercury high-speed train concept.

Since the Mercury is designed to move its passengers at speeds of up to 225 miles per hour, Priestmangoode concentrated on creating wide-open lofts, with sealed meeting rooms that provide privacy for small groups distributed throughout. Amazingly, if a real-life Mercury hits the tracks, it would be the first double-decker train in Britain.

As trains are very stable even at high speeds, passengers can mingle in common areas featuring a minimalist view-friendly aesthetic, or enjoy movies on the in-seat entertainment system. There are of course cabins available for multiple-day trips.

Priestmangoode claims the Mercury will become a new British design icon, like the Spitfire and the Rolls Royce. Whether or not the company's bravado pushes the design towards reality remains to be seen.

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