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3D-Printed Machine Hacks Master Lock in 30 Seconds

Last month, semi-famous gray-hat hacker Samy Kamkar showed us how to open any wheel-combination-based Master Lock. Now he's showing you how to build a machine that can do it for you.

In case you missed it, Kamkar's method of cracking a Master Lock took some practice. But his new Combo Breaker device gets it right every time, proving that Kamkar has a killer instinct for breaking through security.

The Combo Breaker — or as Kamkar refers to it "C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker" — needs only five minutes to solve the combination, but if you give it a head start by finding the first number using Kamkar's manual method, the machine will take only 30 seconds. Fortunately for Master Lock owners, the Combo Breaker is an incredibly unsubtle device, unlike Kamkar's hands-on method, which could be done in broad daylight without attracting nearly as much notice.

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Samy wants to make Master Lock hacking so easy, he's made the Combo Breaker project open source and published instructions on how to build your own. Hosting both his source code and his 3D models on GitHub, all you'll need is to 3D print the frame of the combo breaker, and order what totals to less than $100 in parts. Kamkar isn't just doing this in the name of pointing out vulnerabilities — his instructions include links to each part on Amazon, which may possibly send him referral cash for each item sold.

The necessary hardware includes an Arduino Nano microcontroller, a stepper driver and motor, an analog feedback servo, voltage regulators, a 500mAh 3S battery and a breadboard and wires. There are other items on his shopping list, but even Kamkar admits that the thermal adhesive he uses isn't integral to the process.

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