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Mass Effect 4 May Surface at E3 2015

The ending of Mass Effect 3 was polarizing, to say the least, but even though the beloved game trilogy's plot line had come to an end, its rich setting did not. Mass Effect 4 (or whatever the game's final title will be) will be on display at E3 2015, scheduled for a full release sometime in 2016, if a reliable industry source is to be believed.

OnlySP, a gaming news and strategy site, reported the rumor, which came from the Twitter account of Shinobi602. This man describes himself as a "crazed Mass Effect fan," and although it's not clear what his relationship is to the gaming industry at large, he's been rather prescient before, correctly supplying pre-release information about Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Quantum Break.

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A Twitter user inquired about the status of Mass Effect 4, to which Shinobi602 replied that an E3 demonstration was a "safe bet," as was a 2016 release. Considering that gamers have known a new Mass Effect title has been in the works since 2011 or so, this is hardly a shocking proposition. While this is not a confirmation of the game's E3 2015 presence, it does make it seem that much more likely.

Although Mass Effect 4 is shorthand for the next game in the series, it's not likely to be a sequel to the first three games. BioWare has stated that the story of Commander Shepard, the customizable protagonist of Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, is over. The next game could be a prequel, a side-story or something totally unexpected, but it probably won't be called Mass Effect 4.

Tom's Guide will cover Mass Effect 4, or whatever it's called, at E3 2015, assuming it really does show up there. Until then, players can content themselves by discussing which store on the Citadel is really Commander Shepard's favorite.

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