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Manvan: The Manliest Van Out There

For many years vans and minivans have been associated with soccer moms and large families but designer Aimee LoDuca has decided come up with a new type of van. As LoDuca describes it, the "Man" isn't someone who wants to be busied driving their four children to school soccer practice or dance lessons. The Manvan is for the men that love sitting on a couch watching football on a giant television screen with an ice cold beer and a plate of warm nachos.

A highly customized and modified Nissan NV200, the Manvan is designed to be fully customizable from the Manvan website where customers will be able to choose from a very large variety of accessories and colors.

"Manvan revolutionizes the traditional 'soccer mom mini-van' and transforms it into the ultimate getaway for man, customizing its features to suit any lifestyle," LoDuca explains. "Influenced by the Nissan NV200, the vans extendable back allows for the most outrageous amenities, as well as indoor and outdoor use."

LoDuca's concept gives customers the freedom to customize their vehicle to fit their every manly need. Whatever your manliest needs and desires are, the Manvan is there to provide you with them. Well it may not be there yet, but perhaps LoDuca's idea may inspire some industrious men out there to get the ball rolling.