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You Can Now Turn Your Epic PS4 Clips into GIFs

The Share button the the PlayStation 4 controller makes recording video a snap, but it's always been missing the true medium of the the 2010s — the GIF. That is, until now. An update to the PS4's ShareFactory 2.0 tool will move the app beyond video and into photos and our favorite moving images.

You can use videos from your Capture Gallery or previous ShareFactory projects to make GIFs up to 10 seconds long, and Sony has added what it calls "Internet Meme" font (generally, that's Impact).

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The update will also allow for photo collages and pan and zoom on videos, include a refreshed interface and add support for the PS4 Pro. Pro owners will be able to share 1080p videos and 4K screenshots.

ShareFactory 2.0 is rolling out today so you can get to making all of the jokes and memes you need to fill up your favorite subreddit.