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Apple Sued Over MagSafe Adapter Fire

Back in 2008, the laptop accessory was cited as the cause for a bedroom accident that led to insurance payouts “in excess of Seventy-Five Thousand [US] Dollars”. The Great Northern Insurance Company is seeking to recover its payments from Apple through legal means, having filed suit in New England US District Court.

According to Great Northern’s complaint, “the MagSafe adapter ignited combustible materials within the residence of Eric and Penelope Marziali, causing a fire”, a stance supported by the conclusion of a fire marshal that the fire was caused by the “external system components” of the Marziali’s MacBook Pro.

This isn’t the first lawsuit related to the MagSafe. Negative stories about Apple’s laptop power adapter, touted as an accident-prevention device, are widely available online. As pointed out by The Register, numerous snapshots of the accessory in various states of heat-related damage are available on flickr and Google Image Search.

Also in 2008, Apple started offering a free replacement program for damaged MagSafe adapters, admitting that insulation near the laptop plug could loosen. Yet The Register has argued that the “Incendiary” potential of the accessory warrants “a full-scale recall”.

(image by Gustav H on flickr)