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Magellan's Echo Fit Controls Your Favorite Sport App

LAS VEGAS - Magellan isn't new to the activity tracker world -- the company has many wearable devices, some fitness-focused and some sports-ftocused. But now Magellan has the $129 Echo Fit, a device it's hoping will provide the best of both worlds: the versatility and style of an everyday fitness tracker and the niche features of an enthusiast’s sports watch.

The Echo Fit has all the standard fitness tracking features: it monitors steps, calories, distance and sleep. It’s got a companion app for iOS and Android to which all of its data syncs. It even runs on a coin cell battery so you won’t have to worry about recharging it. Thanks to its physical buttons along the side of its body, you can keep your phone in your pocket and control music and apps while working out.

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I got to wear the Echo Fit at CES 2015, and while it's a bit bulky to wear while you're sleeping, it'll be comfortable to wear during any workout. Its band is super flexible and easy to secure. Plus, the display shows stats as large, glanceable numbers and the four buttons along its side were clickable, so you won't have a problem scrolling between options in different apps.

And apps are Magellan's main focus with the Echo Fit, specifically third-party apps. When you connect the Echo Fit to your favorite sports app, the watchface will display different information depending on the app and what you’re tracking. For example, pairing the Echo Fit to a golf app will let you see distance to the green and stroke totals on the display. Currently the Echo Fit works with Strava, MapMyRun, Wahoo Fitness and more, and Magellan is working with developers to expand the list.

This openness is both convenient and intriguing -- we’re curious to see the kind of data that shows up when we connect our favorite training apps, so stay tuned for a full review. The Magellan Echo Fit is shipping now and costs $129.

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