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Mad Catz Launches New Mouse Built for MMOGs

Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has added a new gaming mouse to its portfolio of PC and Mac gaming products that's based on its popular tank-like Cyborg R.A.T.7 mouse. Called the Cyborg M.M.O.7, it's designed specifically for use with MMOGs, offering thirteen action buttons and six programmable modes.

"The new Cyborg M.M.O.7 demonstrates our continued commitment to growing our Cyborg brand by developing innovative products for passionate consumers." said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. "The Cyborg M.M.O.7 is part of our continuing initiative of building our portfolio of evergreen products that do not need to be reinvented every year."

According to Mad Catz, the new gaming mouse provides dual Actionlock buttons, a new feature designed to reduce fatigue when moving through open world gaming environments by allowing players to lock the input of left and right mouse buttons at will. There's also a World of Warcraft plug-in that allows users to drag and drop spells, inventory items and macros directly to the buttons of the mouse.

As for other features, the mouse has a state-of-the-art 6400DPI twin-eye sensor with four custom settings, a unique 5D button which enables five commands with a single control, interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rests, fully adjustable RGB backlighting, a custom weight system and Cyborg's proprietary Smart Technology (ST) software. Technical specs include an acceleration of 50G, a dynamic polling rate of up to 1000 Hz, tracking speed of up to 6m/sec and a gold-plated connector.

The Cyborg M.M.O.7 is slated to ship in January 2012 and will be compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6.6 or later, as well as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. For more information, head here.