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Machinima App Coming To Xbox One at Launch

When the Xbox One launches next month, it'll bring a number of new game experiences for users to enjoy. However, if they become overwhelmed by them, they'll be able to reach out to for a helping hand.

The popular broadcasting website, home to a number of exclusive programming based around gamers, will have its own app on Xbox One, set to launch when the system arrives next month. In the app, players can use voice commands to prompt game videos, while still playing their game at the same time.

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These videos will assist them with seeing what video services are available, simply by saying, "Xbox, Snap Machinima." This "Snap" feature will feature several games in the Xbox One launch line-up, including Capcom's "Dead Rising 3," which is demonstrated below.

In addition, a number of titles will also support the new "Wingman" feature, which will provide much more detailed videos for certain games, offering in-game help and tutorials to get through tougher sections of the game. The video below shows just how effective these video features are.

The Xbox One will launch in the U.S. and other select markets on November 22nd.

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