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The Cult of Hating Macs, And Why We Shouldn't

Charlie Brooker, as well as being in the enviable position of being a columnist for a British newspaper (a brain fart a day and a big pay cheque at the end of a wined and dined week, in case anyone was wondering what my career aspirations are) hates Macs.

Well, good for him. Ever since they banned hating Johnny Foreigner we've all needed a hobby. Speaking as a lifelong PC user who recently bought himself a MacBook, here's my assessment of Mr Brooke's opinions:

Mac Users Have Small... Big Egos

Do you know, I think Mr Brooker might have had a point when he suggested that many Mac users buy a Mac specifically because they're "cool." I've gotten that distinct impression myself, and even jokingly told friends that my book wasn't progressing as well as I had expected since I bought my Mac. "You're writing a book?" they asked. Why of course, I told them, I had just bought a Mac after all.

However it is people's right to be pretentious and pretend like they're writing a book now that they have the proper electronic accessory and a Starbucks loyalty card.

Anyways, it's ironic that a Guardian writer should call a Mac user pretentious. Hello Kettle, this is Pot, come in Kettle...

Mac's Aren't Better Than PC's

To Mr Brooker's point that PC's are, in fact, better built than Mac's I'd say "Take a look at Windows XP. Then Windows Vista. Do a comparison of both and then contrast with Mac OS." If Mac's don't have a "better" (or at least enviable) operating system compared to a PC, then why has Microsoft just invested a couple of billion into trying to make Windows Mac?

Mac's Aren't Fun, PC's Are

Alright, so yes Mac's don't have nearly as many games going on them as PC's - though a lot more are ported these days than previously, the underlying issue is that PC's have all the graphics horsepower. However Mac's are designed for professionals and, as we've established, pretentious types writing a book. Video games schmedio games.

Besides, Mac's have that in-built camera. Talk about hours of fun.....................

Mac's Only Have That One Damn Mouse Button

I'll admit, the one mouse button did throw me when I first got my MacBook. But hey, that's a functional difference, and they have these other shortcuts for you to learn. If you wanted to get peeved about something it's having the window control buttons on the left rather than the right, just to confuse those of us who switch between Mac's and PC's often.

Erm, alright, so I'm not a good Mac fanboy as it turns out, and I see some of Brooker's points. But I'm also of the view that Mac's have things going for them. Like that cool magnetic power plug. And err, suchlike. Mac's are just a little bit different, that's all. In a good way.