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Lunette Series: Ultimate Home Theater Attraction

Anyone remember The Incredibles? We got really worked up over Syndrome's awesome computing setup, which was basically a massive curved screen fronting a one-person workstation. Elite Screens' relatively new Lunette Series comes close to this cinematic dream, with curved front projection screens ranging from 84" to 166" in size.

The Lunette Series also comes in two aspect ratio variants, 2.35:1 and 16:9 respectively. Viewing angle is a relatively generous 160 degrees, while Elite Screens backs its product with a 2-year "premium" warranty. And for those who want to quickly store the screen when not in use, the entire setup is mounted on a sliding horizontally-oriented wall mount.

No doubt, the Lunette Series which be much cooler if the curved surface is the actual display, not just a large-scale curved surface for a projector. But until technology catches up—and the price of production goes down—we beggars can't be choosers can we? In any case, the starting price of $1269 puts the Lunette way beyond the reach of your typical buyer.

Lunette Series