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How Nokia Designed and Makes the N9 and Lumia 800

The Nokia N9 design is the latest and greatest from the Finnish company, but it's unlikely to have a future like the Lumia series. That said, the Lumia 800 is the Windows Phone that's based heavily on the N9's design.

The standout feature of both the N9 and the Lumia 800 is its curved glass and the smooth polycarbonate body. Check out how they're made in the videos below:

  • woshitudou
    But will it blend?
  • belardo
    Pretty sure it will.

    Nice looking phones... Not so much on the Lumina 700 series as they look rather budget like.
  • scrumworks
    These videos are made two months ago. Better late than never Tom's.
  • RabidFace
    Such a beautiful phone. And I have fallen in love with Nokia all over again after those two videos.

    I am still on the "dumb-phone" bandwagon, and I should be able to jump on a smartphone soon, and this phone will be it. I have been keeping an eye on the N9 and 800 for a while now, and after watching the manufacturing process, it makes me want it even more.

    I want one in my hands NOW!!!

    And as for the Lumina 700, they are specifically marketing it as a "budget smartphone".
  • i just want to see the intergreation between win8 and the windows mobile. simple integration can be a huge advantage.
  • apache_lives
    and they still manage to turn out to be piles of crap

  • alyoshka
    After having used this phone, I can certainly say it is worth the effort. The look, the feel and everything else is just pure perfection. Now what it needs is a less internet dependent OS.
  • pucidalucida
    My HTC Desire HD still better, Nokia N9 still lagging here and there :(
    I Had used nokia for 5 years, know I will not use it again, why? I just feel disappointed, N95, 5800, X7, enough of them! They're all ALWAYS crash, restart, have touch screen defect, battery defect, bla bla bla...
    They didn't last more than 4 months T.T
    Now my HTC far more better, almost no problem in software (yeah, sometimes laggy), but sure it doesn't have any hardware defect, and until more than 1 year it still gets latest update, the HTC sense 3.0 :D
  • cmartin011
    But will it blend?
    it sure will! the better question will it work? Nokia if they reverted to there old style would survive nuclear war then some... but most likely they will find a base in wp 7.. i would puffer Android ill be ok tho don't worry
  • quanta08
    Can i run Android on it? :D It will much better with it.