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Tinder Hooks Up with Country Star to Debut Song

I remember a time, not so long ago, when Tinder was about old-fashioned, casual (and often regrettable) hookups. Now, Tinder is making strides toward becoming a more all-purpose social network, including providing a platform for musicians. Country singer Luke Bryan has debuted "Kill the Lights": a brand-new single to which you can listen as you scroll through pictures of cute singles and porn bots.

Bryan shared the news with his fans today, which should be a pleasant surprise for inveterate singles who also love country music. (I assume that this is a large cross-section, but who knows; my musical knowledge runs the gamut from Keith Moon to Keith Richards.)

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As you scroll through Tinder, you will see a video message from Bryan himself. Swiping right will bring them to a link where you can listen to "Kill the Lights." Swiping left will bring you back to Tinder's main attraction: not matching with anyone interesting while fending off the endless stream of wannabe Faulkners penning "hi," "ur hot" and "pix pls."

Country music lovers will have to act fast, though: the link will only be available until Monday, August 3. After that, you will have to endure an excruciating four-day wait until the song and the album (also entitled Kill the Lights) officially premiere on August 7. Those who preorder the album via iTunes can also snag the song early, starting on August 4, assuming you absolutely cannot wait an additional three days.

Luke Bryan will probably not be the last artist to use Tinder as a medium to share songs, and it's not the first time that Tinder has pursued money from outside sources. In April, the dating app hooked up with pop singer Jason Derulo to promote his song "Want to Want Me." Tinder remains free, but there is also Tinder Plus, which charges for additional features such as Rewind (return to the last swipe).

Whether you miss the old Tinder or simply can't wait for all of your favorite #brands (and #bands) to clog up yet another social media network like an overworked toilet, just keep in mind that swiping right on Luke Bryan's photo won't actually match you with him. According to a press release, the singer says that he is "happily married."

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