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LoveBot App Is Death of Romance as We Know It

Less-than-romantic partners could have a new way to make up for their shortcomings, thanks to a new app.

LoveBot, is a chatbot that can send messages of love and affection throughout the day. It can send contacts reminders of your appreciation and motivational messages, and it can even recite poetry — well, at least in text form.

The concept was recently presented by Guru Ranganathan at the TechCruch Disrupt SF Hackathon. The app, created by Ranganathan and Karthikeyan Santana, can work with a user's contacts and friends lists to send messages at set frequencies. And intentions expressed through the app can be fine-tuned with specific settings: love, casual and motivational.

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LoveBot could be a good way to remind old friends that you're thinking of them when you're too swamped with work and family life to check in or hang out, but we don't see automated messages effectively saving a relationship on the rocks. Isn't romance about caring enough to think about someone else on your own?

Unfortunately for those who could use more finesse in the romance or friendship department, LoveBot isn't yet widely available.