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These Speakers Promise a Better Love Life

You know the saying: men are from mars, women are from venus. It's not a statement that ladies can survive high pressure environments with low oxygen atmospheres, but a figurative way of describing the disparity between the psyches of both sexes. What better way to celebrate your differences than with a pair of his-and-hers radio/speakers for your differing tastes?

The Love to Rock speakers will perfectly express the dichotomy of your playlists; she gets to play her mushy songs on the Love speaker, while you get to rock out with yours. They're even color coded in manly black and cutesy pink. Each speaker box can tune in to AM and FM radio, and will play your favorite tunes once you hook up the line-in jacks to your respective MP3 players. 

Each $25 speaker is sold individually, so expect to fork over $50 bucks to get the matching pair. Hey, at least you're not wearing those silly his-and-hers shirts, right?

[source: PB Teen via Chip Chick]