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Cutting the Cord with Logitech Speakers


Like its other products in this class, Logitech still hasn't succumbed to the lure of 7.1; instead, they have stuck with the classic 5.1 arrangement, which still offers the best ratio of benefits to complexity. Apart from the unique feature we're looking at here - the cordless connection - the 5450 is a product that consists of the usual Control Center, including a genuine little pre-amp and a decoder. Consequently, it can be used successfully not only with a PC, but also with various household and portable equipment, such as DVD and MP3 players, and any digital or analog sound sources. The whole system is controlled directly by this LCD-screen-equipped Control Center, or alternatively, by a well-designed infrared remote control. We say it is "well-designed" because all the important adjustments can be accessed directly, not just sequentially. You can control it exclusively with a PC, but it's capable of a whole lot more!

A Classic Design

The overall design of the system is consistent with what we're used to seeing from Logitech; it only really differs in its rear satellites/speakers. The subwoofer also houses the power amplifier. All the connectors are located on the rear, with a DB9 socket for connecting the Control Center, and three cinch connectors for the front speakers (right, center, and left). On the acoustic side, the box uses the same principal as previous Logitech products: a base-reflex loading on a loudspeaker of 6 ½ inch (165mm) mounted on an internal resonant panel. A reflex port opens to the outside through a large vent, and therefore, provides the only source of sound diffusion. This formula - well-known to specialists - has the advantage of forming a "natural" (purely acoustic) filter. It also avoids any risk of mechanical damage to the loudspeaker.