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Cutting the Cord with Logitech Speakers

No Wires, No Problems?

Cordless signal transmission to the rear satellites is accomplished by the presence of a small adjustable aerial on the Control Center. As we mentioned earlier, the satellites themselves don't look any different from normal, but Logitech has chosen, in contrast to other products we know, to provide totally separate rear satellites. Each contains its own receiver, amplifier and power supply. Obviously, therefore each one has to have its own power socket! The advantage is, naturally, the absence of all the usual connections between the two satellites and the rest of the system. No wires crossing the room where the system is installed! From that point of view it's ideal - much more practical than when all the satellites are connected to a central common module, or when one rear satellite contains the electronics and the other must be connected to it. But the most obvious disadvantage is going to be a hike in price to cover the necessary extra components.

In practice, the Control Center has, on the rear, two little diodes that help you to confirm that each of rear satellites is correctly connected. The satellites themselves are equipped with LEDs on their fronts, which glow red when they're in standby and blue when they're active. So, it's always possible to check at a glance that everything is working well. Logitech remains very guarded about the technology used, explaining simply that it's based on a proprietary digital technology operating at a sampling frequency of 48 kHz. In the situation where the source is a 96 kHz digital signal, the rear channels (and only those!) are converted to 48 kHz for transmission.

In our test environment, where Bluetooth and Wifi connections are in use, we didn't encounter a single problem with the 5450. The connections were established immediately; we didn't notice any interference whatsoever, and the rear speakers passed into standby mode from the moment the system was switched off. Hard to ask for more than that...