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Logitech Security Camera Shows Your Day in Hyperlapse

Buying a security camera for your home is a good idea in theory, but in practice, there's nothing fun about sifting through hours and hours of footage to see if anything interesting happened while you were gone. Releasing in October, Logitech's $199 Circle goes one step beyond traditional motion alerts and creates a hyperlapse montage of everything you need to know, compressed into 30 seconds.

Sean O'Kane at The Verge put the Circle in his home for a few days and learned firsthand what sets it apart from its more powerful competitors, such as the Nest Cam and the DropCam. Over time, the Circle learns what movement in your home is routine (like a breeze rustling your plants) and what movement is more unusual (like your dog running in circles). The camera will then assemble these moments into 30-second hyperlapse "day briefs," which give you a basic rundown of what happened during your absence, obviating the need for you to sift through each tedious motion alert.

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To illustrate how the day briefs and the motion sensitivity worked in tandem, O'Kane used his dog as an illustrative example. Over time, the camera learned that a dog moving her head or walking around was normal, and did not need to notify him or brief him when he returned home. When the dog walker arrived or the dog had a vigorous chewing session on her bone, the Circle took notice and presented the footage in the day brief.

While the Circle's hyperlapse functionality is arguably its most interesting feature, the camera also possesses the other functionalities you'd expect from a modern smart security camera. The Circle takes 720p video and broadcasts it right to your phone or computer. You can hear what's going on and talk with people via built-in microphone and speakers. The Circle software will also send notifications to your phone whenever it detects unusual motion in your home.

Another interesting feature of the camera is its portability. When removed from its charging dock, the camera will still stream for three hours, making it easy to pick up and take somewhere else with you for a few hours.