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The Robot Inspired by Spiderman

Robots are formidable, and it's quite certain we'll have our backs to the wall when they begin their uprising. The Japanese don't think so. In an effort to strengthen their robot masters further, they've given this new mechanoid menace mystical powers commonly found in the Far East: that of the nefarious ninja.

No, it doesn't wear an orange jumpsuit or make weird energy attacks. We're talking classical ninja here, the hiding-in-shadows, wall-crawling kind. Except in this case, iX Corporation's SAUT doesn't just crawl up walls. Just to give you a bit of perspective on what this robot can do, take a gander at the next picture:

Yes, that's right. SAUT can run upside-down a bridge unassisted, just like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. Ok, so it doesn't do this with ancient Japanese secrets: this little robot uses magnets (how do they work?!) to keep itself firmly attached as it putters about a bridge's underbelly. It then uses its other ninja power, ultrasonic super-hearing, to detect any structural defects that might be unseen to the naked, non-ninja eye.

Thankfully, iX maintains that it will only serve in a maintenance/inspection capacity, and has detailed no plans to equip the SAUT with ninja stars and a katana. They better not go back on their word; otherwise, we're all doomed. Well, more doomed than usual.