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Linksys Product Preview - WAP54GPE Wireless-G Exterior Access Point

Inside Story

The internal pictures on the FCC website provide a detailed view of the GPE's construction. Figure 4 shows an open-case view, with the dual internal patch antennas clearly visible in the left-hand module.

Figure 4: Covers off view
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With the antenna board removed, the power supply is visible, as is the heater module positioned over the boards (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Heater and power supply visible
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Once the heater module is removed, you can see the main board with separate mini-PCI radio (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Main board with radio exposed
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The GPE uses an Intel-based design, more similar to the unannounced Intel IXP425 Network Processor, Kendin KS8721 supplying the 10/100 Ethernet port and one of the two Dynachips D98SD12816 RAM chips. The other is on the bottom of the board along with a single Intel TE28F640 Flash chip.

Figure 7: Main board with mini-PCI radio removed
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Figure 8 completes our tour of the GPE's innards, showing the mini-PCI 802.11b/g radio based on the Ralink RT2560 802.11b/g Baseband/MAC processor and RT2525 tranceiver.

Figure 8: mini-PCI radio
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