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DIY CSI with the Personal Genome Sequencer

If there's anything CSI taught us, it's that putting on sunglasses while making snarky puns will make The Who's Roger Daltrey scream. That, and DNA solves all your problems. Life Technologies wants to take that problem-solving wonder and place it right in your home or personal lab.

This Personal Genome Sequencer is actually the product of Ion Torrent, Life Tech's latest acquisition. The sequencer does everything that the standard lab version can do, only cheaper and faster. It's not yet up to "I need results before the next commercial break" speeds of the TV show, but hey, this is real life.

It can even hook up to your iPod touch or smartphone, delivering results right to your pocket. Now you don't have to spend hours next to a bulky machine, all the while enduring the lab technician's weird hipster hair and corny jokes.

[source: Ion Torrent via MedGadget]