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LG's Signature OLED TV Is the Best TV You Can't Afford

When LG announced its line of Signature OLED TVs at CES 2016, no one thought they were going to be cheap. The electronics manufacturer has confirmed that its new TVS are indeed premium. The first Signature TV will ship in late March for $8,000.

LG Signature OLED TV | Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG Signature OLED TV | Credit: LG)

LG shared this information via press release, which drew attention to the fact that LG advertised during the Super Bowl for the first time in its history. The ad was timely: the first Signature OLED TV is now available for pre-order online, as well as at a handful of retail stores. Best Buy, Fry's, P.C. Richard and Son, and a few other regional chains will be showing off the TV and accepting your hard-earned scratch if you want to reserve one.

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For those who didn't keep up with LG's reveal of the Signature OLED TV at CES, it's a 4K OLED screen pressed onto a very thin pane of glass. Its base doubles as a set of powerful speakers. It's easily one of the most gorgeous TVs we've seem, complete with HDR support, although $8,000 is quite a bit of money to ask.

The version available for pre-order right now the 65-inch G6 model. For comparison, LG's current 65-inch 4K OLED design costs $5,000 — hardly a bargain, but the $3,000 difference is enough money to buy another big-screen 4K TV.

For those who want an LG screen but feel the cost is a bit steep, LG will have eight more OLED models before the end of the year, with sizes ranging from 55 inches to 65 inches.