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LG G6 Could Get One of Galaxy S8’s Biggest Features

The LG G6 has in some ways been trumped by Samsung's Galaxy S8. But that doesn't mean LG can't respond with some improvements.

Photo: Samuel C. Rutherford/Tom's Guide

Photo: Samuel C. Rutherford/Tom's Guide

LG is working on a new facial-recognition feature that could find its way to the G6 within the next couple of months, according to a report from The Investor. LG has apparently signed a deal with facial-recognition software firm Oez to deliver the feature.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ last month, with the phones set to launch April 21. Among the security features, Samsung announced that the handset will come with a facial-recognition feature that will allow you to aim the front-facing camera at your face to access the device.

However, the feature was found to suffer from a flaw in which hackers could hold up a picture of your face in front of the Galaxy S8's camera and still gain access to the device. It's unclear whether a fix is in the works, so Galaxy S8 owners are encouraged to use other security features, like the handset's fingerprint sensor or iris scanner, to foil hackers.

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According to The Investor report, which was earlier reported on by Android Authority, LG was attracted to Oez's software as part of its upcoming contactless payment push. It's possible that the facial-recognition feature will be used to authorize payments.

However, unlike Samsung's version, the Oez software has "security measures" in place that can identify a picture, according to the report. The software will determine whether a person is trying to hack the tool and will subsequently lock it down. There's no word, however, on how quickly the software can scan a face and how accurate it is when it's put into practice.

While LG hasn't confirmed it's even considering facial recognition, the company is reportedly looking to move rather swiftly towards delivering the feature in a software update. According to The Investor, the update could be pushed to the handset as early as June. It'll take up between 3.5MB to 5MB of space on the G6.

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  • Dennis Furlan
    Samsung's facial-recognition measure isn't as flawed as has been depicted in the tech media. First, some are saying it's not that easy to fool with a photo. Second, it still protects you from random theft. It would take a pretty clever scheme for someone to take your phone away from you using a relatively high-resolution image of your face. Think about it.