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LG G5 May Get Always-On Display

As the anticipated Feb. 21 launch of the LG G5 gets closer, LG keeps teasing out more details of its upcoming flagship. An animated GIF posted to the company's Twitter account this week indicates the next-gen handset may feature an always-on display that would show the time, date and notification indicators.

LG's no stranger to the always-on panel, having featured it in last year's LG V10. But while the V10's always-on screen was just a 1040 x 160 strip above the device's primary 5.7-inch display, more of the LG G5's screen will be able to stay on, if LG's teaser clip is anything to go be.

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LG's animated GIF shows a bunch of phones dimming before a device that looks like the G5 lights up, displaying the time, date and four symbols that appear to be indicators for unread notifications. That information takes up just the top third of the screen, so it might not be the whole panel that will stay on.

Android Authority reported that this is the first LG G5 feature to be officially revealed, and we've reached out to LG to confirm if the unverified Twitter account that posted the image is the real deal.

Having an always-on screen can be helpful by making pertinent information always available at a glance, removing the need to wake up your phone. However, a display that remains on can drain a phone's battery life. LG will likely have to squeeze in a large battery or find an efficient way to extend battery life to compensate for this feature if it turns out to be part of the G5.

Rival phone maker Samsung is expected to launch its own flagship phone in February, with the Galaxy S7 flagship also rumored to sport an always-on display. We will be on the ground at both phone launches in Barcelona, so stay tuned for the full reports.