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LG Unveils New Line of Soundbars Ahead of CES 2019

LG has unveiled its new line of soundbars ahead of CES 2019.

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

In a statement, LG said that it partnered with Meridian Audio on the soundbars to deliver high-resolution audio in the three new devices — the SL10YG, SL9YG, and SL8YG. Chief among the features Meridian brought to the soundbars is a new Upmix technology that up-mixes the soundbars' two channels to multiple, distinct channels to create a better sound field and ultimately do a better job of filling your room with audio.

In addition to Meridian's technology, the new LG soundbars come with support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to create a virtual surround sound experience in your room. They also use upscaling technology to take lossy audio and improve its resolution to make it sound closer to truly lossless audio. 

To create a true surround sound experience, the speakers support LG's Wireless Rear Speaker Kit, which allows you to install real speakers and connect them to the soundbars to get true surround sound. The kit is sold separately and according to LG, only model SPK 8 will work with the soundbars.

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On the design side, you'll find they all come with a sleek design and the LG and Meridian logos on the front. There are two speaker grilles facing the front for firing the audio. According to LG, the SL9 is specifically designed for wall mounting and is just 2.2 inches deep, so it won't take up too much room on the wall. The others appear to be best-suited for use on an entertainment center.

It's perhaps no surprise the soundbars will come with smart assistant technology. According to LG, they'll come bundled with support for Google Assistant, allowing you to use your voice to increase the volume in the room, find out which artist is playing, and connect to smart products around your home to turn on lights, adjust thermostat temperature, and more. 

LG's new soundbars are being officially unveiled at CES in Las Vegas next month. The company has yet to announce pricing and availability.

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