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Lexus Car Glows Along with Driver's Heartbeat

Today it is almost impossible to buy a car that is not connected in one form or another, whether that’s through GPS navigation or CarPlay. How more connected can we get? What about a vehicle that's connected to your heart?

The RC-F Coupe glows according to the pulse of the driver. It’s a new conceptual project driven by Lexus’s Australia and M&C Saatchi Australia’s creative tech division. Despite all the tech that is already out there, they hope to increase the connectivity between car and man.

The panels of the car connect to body sensors on the driver’s body. As the driver’s pulse quickens and slows, as it naturally does based on the speed at which the driver is going, the coupe lights up accordingly. When hit with an electric charge, this special RF-C glows because of an electroluminescent paint. Which means that the faster you drive, the quicker the lights will glow.

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Although Lexus doesn't plan to add this feature to any current cars, this concept is one step towards a larger goal: create a car that perceives the emotions of the driver, which has the potential to prevent a lot of accidents. If falling asleep at the wheel or road rage is an issue for you, then a future car might be smart enough to help take action. Google recently built a robot car that can drive by itself, which has a similar objective.

Naturally, trust would be a major factor if these initiatives became our reality. Perhaps these connected cars will save lives as these companies envision it, but with hackers having the ability to take over vehicles, we don't know if one connected to your heart is such a great ides.

Ben Cooper. group innovation director of M&C Saatchi Australia recently had a conversation with Wired that relates the distressing potential.

"Mapping man with machine provides an interesting investigation of control, he said, "We think the data might show a different view of who's really driving."