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Lenovo Enters Fitness Tracker Race

Yet another tech giant has entered the fitness tracker arena, with a product that closely resembles some of its competitors. Over the weekend, Lenovo put up a sparse product page detailing the SW-B100 Smartband, a fitness tracker that appears to monitor exercise, sleep and heart rate while providing smartphone notifications as well.

Marketed as a product for "young people who take care of their personal health and are interested in new tech trend products," the Smartband tracks all the basic fitness metrics, including daily exercise like steps, distance and calories, as well as sleep and heart rate. There's also some smartphone integration, with the Smartband supporting notifications for calls and texts.

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You'll also be able to program the wristband to send you reminders for meetings and appointments. Noted at the bottom of Lenovo's small product page is a peculiar but interesting feature - the Smartband will be able to unlock your PC when it's in close proximity, without requiring you to enter your password.

There's nothing particularly special about the Lenovo Smartband in terms of design - at least nothing that we can tell from the few photos on the company's website. The wristband does bare an uncanny resemblance to Fitbit's Flex and Force trackers, although the Smartband's screen appears to be larger, probably to accommodate smartphone notifications and reminders.

Lenovo's Smartband will be compatible with Android (4.3 and above), iOS (7.1 and above), and Windows Phone devices and come in blue and orange colors. The product page doesn't list pricing or availability, but unfortunately the U.S. market will not see the Smartband any time soon; a Lenovo representative said the Smartband will be released in China only.

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  • surfville
    really good to see lenovo expanding to other gadgets..
  • jessesem
    A fitness tracker that is a key for your computer? Seems a bit unnecessary to me.

    Why would you need to plug it into your computer at all?
  • Titillating
    It doesn't need to be plugged in. Seems to be a wireless activation, from the way it is worded, letting you verify yourself without inputting your password. Could be a useful little feature for people with password protected computers who like to step away regularly.