This Little Robot Teaches Motor Skills to Children with Autism

Children with special needs, including those with autism, could soon be learning motor skills with the help of a round little robot.   

The roly-poly robot, Leka, has a simple, animated face on screen and lights encircling it like a hula hoop around its midsection. It's meant to work with an iPad app as well as a caregiver to encourage directional movement and other skills.

It can roll around and turn independently, based on the activities or games a caregiver selects in the Leka app, and lights illuminate during interactive games, explained Leka founder and CEO Ladislas de Toldi at CES 2017.

Credit: Leka

(Image credit: Leka)

Leka is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $490, plus $50 shipping to the United States. Schools can pre-order five of the robots, plus five charging docks and educational guides for $2,500, plus $50 shipping.

The first Leka robots are expected to make into kids' hands in November.