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Leaked iPhone 7 Videos: See Apple's Next Phone Up Close

Want to know what the iPhone 7 is going to look like when it arrives in September? If you've got an iPhone 6s nearby, just stare at it for a while and you've got the general idea.

That's one of the first impressions I got after watching a video posted at TechnoBuffalo that features what that site says is an apparent dummy unit of Apple's upcoming iPhone release. If it's the real McCoy, the dummy unit would reflect the final design for the iPhone, which is expected to arrive by mid-September.

The phone in the TechnoBuffalo video measures 5.44 x 2.64 inches and features a 4.7-inch screen. You'll recognize those as the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s. The phone in the video sports a rose gold look — again one of the four colors available in Apple's current iPhone lineup.

So what's different? This phone features a noticeably wider camera lens than the iPhone 6s and a much more visible hump surrounding that lens. That's consistent with leaked photos we've seen coming out of China in recent weeks that purport to show off the next iPhones.

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If you've been dreading the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, this video should confirm your worst fears. There's no headphone port — just stereo speakers surrounding a Lightning port. The video speculates that Apple will include an adapter that plugs into the Lightning port so that you can use your existing headphones — the newly released Moto Z takes the same approach — though there's no word on whether Apple will have Lightning port-compatible headphones shipping with the iPhone 7.

On the bright side, the antenna bands on this iPhone are much subtler than the current model, tucked away along the upper and bottom edges of the phone, though still visible. And this video can at least dispel the rumor that Apple was planning on eighty-sixing the mute switch. It's still visible in the video, next to the volume rocker. It appears that the home button has moved to the side. The new iPhones also feature a physical home button in this video, dispelling the rumor that Apple would move to a touch-sensitive button in the iPhone 7.

TechnoBuffalo's video mentions a few other interesting tidbits that gibe with other rumors we've heard about the phone. Apple could offer models with as much as 256GB of storage; we're expecting the base model to feature 32GB. The battery in the iPhone 7 could feature a 14 percent bump over the 1,715 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s. And the camera may have a 16-megapixel sensor instead of the 12-MP one found in current iPhones — whatever the size of the sensor, the video suggests the iPhone's camera is targeting improved photos in low-light settings.

Credit: TechnoBuffalo

(Image credit: TechnoBuffalo)

One other feature hinted at in the video is water-resistance: TechnoBuffalo placed its dummy iPhone next to a drainpipe trickling water, suggesting that this version of the iPhone should be able to withstand the occasional splash. Water-resistance has been one of the rumored features for the new phone, and it would help the iPhone close the durability gap with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which can take a plunge in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes.

TechnoBuffalo's video didn't feature the larger iPhone Plus (or the iPhone Pro, if that's what Apple winds up dubbing its big-screen phone). But a second leaked video cobbled together on YouTube by a user dubbed ConceptsiPhone shows what looks like an iPhone 7 Plus next to an iPhone 7. You'll see the more narrow rear camera lens on the Plus model to accommodate the rumored dual-lens camera that Apple plans to put on its larger iPhone.

Other than the slow jams musical accompaniment, you won't get many other details from that video that you haven't already seen from other leaked photos claiming to be the iPhone 7. The video shows off a few more iPhone colors, but nothing you won't see in the current iPhone lineup.

If you've been underwhelmed by the rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 up until this point, these videos are unlikely to get your pulse racing, even if Apple is planning under-the-hood improvements not visible in all the iPhone 7 leaks. What's becoming increasingly clear is that Apple is treating the iPhone 7 as an extension of its current phone lineup — a few enhancements here and there, but not a total overhaul of the iPhone. If you want major changes, it's increasingly looking like 2017 will be your year.