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Tastes like Power: KFC Bucket Recharges your Phone

These days you expect to find available power ports for your phone everywhere you go; at the airport, the beach or a Broadway show. KFC, bless them, is taking it to a whole new level by experimenting with including USB ports and a 6100mAH power bank on their 5-in-1 meal boxes.

This viral stunt (which is clearly working) is only in Mumbai and Delhi, India for now. The power bank/grease container combo is being billed as the "Watt A Box." In a promotional video, a young woman is texting her friend that a boy just asked her out when — oh no — her battery dies. No worries, though: a Watt A Box happens to be sitting there so she can plug in, chow down and find out she was excitedly texting the boy himself. How embarrassing. 

Even if you're in one of the available markets, you can't just pick up a Watt A Box with your 5-piece meal. The boxes are given out randomly at physical locations or won through a contest on KFC India's Facebook page. There's no telling yet if it will ever come stateside.

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Thankfully, the power bank is detachable. That means you can carry around your new cardboard battery pack without the smell of fried chicken following you around.

Colonel Sanders, we salute you.