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Kamcord Records Android Gameplay

Between titles like Hearthstone, Monument Valley and the classic Final Fantasies, there are a lot of cool games on Android. What's missing is a way to share your gameplay experiences with friends and viewers. Enter Kamcord: a free app that records gameplay on any Android Lollipop device and can transmit it online — but, for the moment, works only with select games.

Kamcord is currently available in the Google Play Store. There is an iOS version, but it is a social network, not a recording app, as Apple is a little more skittish about its users recording and disseminating gameplay footage.

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The way it works is very simple: Open the app, select the game you want to record, and follow the prompts. There are currently more than 50 games to choose from, including Hearthstone, Star Wars: Commander and Mortal Kombat X. There's only one problem: the app does not totally do what it says it does.

If you read the app's description, Kamcord promises that it works for "any [Android] game." This isn't strictly true. If there's a game you want to record that isn't on its preapproved list (I wanted to record Steven Universe: Attack the Light, because quite frankly, who wouldn't?), there's no easy way to add it.

You have to send an e-mail to Kamcord itself, which will then pursue the issue. The company is supposedly assiduous about adding new games by fan request, but that's hardly the same thing as recording any game you choose from the get-go.

Kamcord is also not the only screen recorder available for Lollipop devices, as a cursory Google Play search reveals. While Kamcord is the only one that focuses on games and gives players a built-in social network with which to share, the limited game selection may work against it for the time being.

Still, the app has only been available for a few days, so future versions may well be more comprehensive. The company has expressed interest in adding livestreaming features as well, which, if successful, might give Android games an honest-to-goodness Twitch analogue.

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