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John Romero Working With Facebook Game Maker

Old school PC gamers will remember John Romero for his amazing design work on Doom and Quake. Those same gamers will likely also remember Ion Storm and Daikatana.

John Romero has since held back the rock star image and gone back to making games – much simpler, more casual games. In fact, we learn from Venturebeat that Romero is consulting on simple social games appear on Facebook and MySpace.

The San Francisco-based company he's working with is called LOLapps, and he's lending his talents on an unannounced Facebook game.

“This is where the excitement is now,” Romero said to Venturebeat, speaking at LOLapps’ headquarters in San Francisco.

Romero's full time job is still with Gazillion and Slipgate Ironworks working on an MMO.

(via Joystiq.)