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Water-based Jetpack Goes on Sale for $99,500

You may have read about that man who went over the Grand Canyon on a jetpack, which is definitely awesome, but also a little dangerous. If you're looking for some safer fun over a softer landing, the Jetlet water jetpack is now available for just $99,500.

That pricetag is a bit hefty for all but those made of money, so the buyers of this will be tour businesses and resorts that will rent it out.

What sets this jetpack apart is that it is extremely light at just 30 lbs (dry) because the motor and fuel is stored on a boat that's tethered to the jetpack via a 33 ft long hose. The hose provides the jet stream of water that's pumped by a four-stroke 250 hp engine. That's enough power to propel a pilot up to 22 mph at heights up to 28 ft.

Even though this jetpack design is definitely more for recreation rather than personal transport, a 26-gallon tank is enough to let a pilot cruise for three hours, or just a single hour at full throttle.