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Japan Unveils its Robotic Eye-in-the-Sky

Robots again, Japan? We wouldn't be surprised if you officially change your name to Robot Republic of Skynet soon. The newest recruit in Japan's burgeoning mech militia isn't a 50-foot tall bipedal tank with laser swords, thankfully. It's a 4-foot tall UAV that will serve as the Ministry of Defense's new reconnaissance platform.

The drone can hover through the air thanks to the high-speed rotor housed in its skirt. It can communicate wirelessly during its 30-minute operational cycle, sending back pictures of the battlefield taken from the lone CCD camera on its domed head.

A domed head with single optic sensor? Side skirts? Sounds like a Dalek! What's next, Japanese Ministry of Defense? Will you attach a plunger arm and ray gun to it as well?