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Nike Fitness and FuelBand Expert to Start Work at Apple

A former fitness instructor and Nike consultant could be helping Apple develop a watch-like product. Back in July, there was a rumor that Apple had was assembling a team of hardware and software engineering, medical sensor, manufacturing, and fitness experts to work on its as-yet-unconfirmed iWatch. This, coupled with Tim Cook's praise for Nike's execution of the FuelBand (which he has been spotted wearing, by the way), lent weight to the theory that Apple's iWatch would offer fitness and exercise monitoring capabilities.


Keeping that fire burning is confirmation from Jay Blahnik that he's now working at Apple. The fitness instructor and consultant has been working with Nike for almost two decades and played a key role in the development of the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Kinect Training as well as the Nike Training Club application. 9to5Mac reports that Blahnik confirmed his new position at Apple via Twitter. Without providing details, Blahnik described his new role as an exciting opportunity.

Apple has not yet commented on Blahnik's hiring, but it's unlikely the iWatch is purely a fitness tool. It's hard to believe Blahnik would be tempted away from Nike by a product that much like the ones he has helped create. We've been hearing about Apple's plans for a smartwatch for months, but we'll likely have to wait until next year before we see the device in the flesh.