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The Biker Suit for Iron Man Fans

Remember Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark basically summoning his armor from a briefcase? Well, contemporary technology has quite a way to go to match that geeky dream, but nobody said it couldn't be simulated.

That's the idea behind the Iron Man 2 Mark V Leather Motorcycle Suit. For we all know, the Mark V is the designation of the armor packed into a case—or some know-it-all will make sure you know it. The leather is colored red and gray to replicate the impression of the two-toned power armor.

It's not really clear if this leather suit following the Armored Avenger aesthetic incorporates any technology whatsoever. The "coming soon" poster shows an illuminated chest piece, but that could be a case of a little marketing flash at work. However, the suit definitely won't incorporate any offensive or defensive technology, save for the ability of leather to protect skin from the rough road.

Whatever the case, it would be a waste if the Iron Man 2 Mark V Leather Motorcycle Suit didn't have any visibility-assisting lights. Especially since a potential collector's item like this will most likely command a premium on the market.

Iron Man 2 Mark V Suitcase Suit (Coming Soon)