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Top-Selling Roomba Just Dropped $74

iRobot has been churning out Roombas for over a decade. Smart, fast, and efficient, the only downside to its legion of floor-cleaning robots has been their price.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering its top-selling robotic vacuum — the Roomba 650 — for $299. That's the best price we've seen for this model so far this year and $75 under iRobot's direct price. (It briefly hit $274 on Black Friday).

iRobot Roomba 650View Deal

Although it doesn't offer any connected features like the company's newer bots, there's still a lot to like about the Roomba 650. For instance, it has a 3-stage cleaning system that picks up dirt and grime by first agitating it, brushing it, and then sucking it up. It's spinning side brush is also good at cleaning wall edges and corners.

The 650 is 3.6 inches high, so it can easily fit underneath the tightest spaces, like beneath your living room sofa. It's also powerful enough to clean everything from pet hair to cereal.

The device can be programmed to vacuum up to seven times per week. Once its done, it'll dock itself in its Home Base to recharge its battery. Although the Roomba can automatically avoid stairs, its Virtual Walls (one is included) work as beacons to keep your Roomba from entering rooms you don't want cleaned. 

Roomba deals tend to sell out quickly, so before you even think about spring cleaning, we recommend checking out the Roomba 650.

  • jsmithepa
    19575324 said:
    Give this year's spring cleaning chores to your new robot assistant.

    Top-Selling Roomba Just Dropped $74 : Read more

    Direct Price.... common who buys retail. :)

    I up you with Roomba 805 at Costco $399, Li-On battery and 2 virtual walls. They had a $50 instant rebate back in Jan which I sadly missed.

    My research says buying regular Roomba with other kind of battery and DIY yourself with an after-market Li-On not a good idea. Amazon reviews don't exactly confirm whether 650 comes with Li-On or something else. But if on tight-budget the 650 IS a Best Buy. I just prize built-in, designed-for use with Li-On battery. The other item I prize is, the 805 looks like it comes with the new kind of brush which requires less maintenance. Why do you buy a robot? so you don't have to do the work right? So another one up more for less maintenance brush.