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New iPod Nano Records Video, Has FM Tuner

As the rumors about adding a camera to the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano rolled in, a lot of you said the same thing, "Adding a camera to the iPod Touch sort of makes sense but adding a camera to the Nano is just plain stupid."

We were of the same opinion. The iPhone has a camera, so Apple could probably get away with adding one to the Touch and not be ridiculed for thinking people would want to take pictures with their mp3 player. But the Nano? Are they serious?

Apparently they were dead serious about adding a camera, but only to the Nano. They also were thinking more video than just photos. Steve Jobs said today that the company wants in on the SSD video camera action (they made an example of the 4 GB Flip, in case you're interested) and will be adding a camera to the iPod Nano. No news on what kind of camera they've crammed in there but we'll update once we find out.

Pricing sits at $149 for the 8 GB Nano and $179 for the 16 GB model. One more thing that a lot of you mentioned in the comments was adding FM radio. Why add a camera when the device doesn't even have a radio reciever? Well, now it does!

Apple also added voiceover (just like the Shuffle), a larger 2.2 inch screen, a pedometer that syncs with Nike+ Online, a voice recorder and of course, a mic to go along with that camera.