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How to Turn your iPod Nano into a Wristwatch

Ok, so now Apple's kinda scaled back on their whole bigger-is-better deal; the follow-up to the iPad isn't a wall-sized iTV, but the micro-sized iPod Nano. It's so small, everybody and their mothers had the same idea when they first saw it: let's make a watch strap for it! While there have been a ton of would-be entrepreneurs in this new market for wrist-wearable iPods, none have done better than the Hex.

The Hex is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Nano. It has a silicone frame that holds your miniaturized multitouch in place, while also providing it a little bit of extra protection. The audio port runs parallel to your wrist, so your headphones can run up your sleeve and keep them tangle-free. Plus, the control buttons are still accessible even while the iPad is snug in the frame.

It comes in a variety of colors, from austere black or white to a sickeningly loud yellow. I guess that means there's a Hex for every kind of iPod Nano owner. Drop the requisite $24.95 if you want to get your own silicone strap-on.

[source: Hex via Dvice]