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New iPhone Leak Confirms Very Bold Colors

The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone Apple's likely to announce tomorrow (Sept. 12) will come in bold shades with a dual SIM tray, if images leaked on Chinese social network Weibo are to be believed.

Ben Gesken shared leaked photos from Weibo reportedly showing the iPhone Xc's dual SIM tray.

Ben Gesken shared leaked photos from Weibo reportedly showing the iPhone Xc's dual SIM tray.

The lower-priced phone in the lineup — which could be named iPhone 9, iPhone Xc, or iPhone Xr, depending on which way the wind is blowing in Apple Rumorville at any particular moment — will come in unusual shades of red and blue, compared to other iPhone hues Apple has released recently.

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The images, which were shared to Twitter by leaker Ben Geskin, show SIM card trays for a blue, red, silver, space gray and brown iPhone. (Geskin says that last shade is taupe, but I find it hard to believe Apple would release a taupe iPhone.). Even more intriguingly, the trays have slots for two SIM cards, which would make it easier for travelers to switch between carriers when overseas and make the new iPhone particularly appealing in Asia, where dual SIM phones are quite popular with shoppers.

The leak comes days after Geskin shared what is purportedly the 6.1-inch iPhone's back and sides. Those images show a navy blue, ruby red and rose gold iPhone, along with the iPhone Xc name. That brand would harken back to the iPhone 5c, which was Apple's lower-priced alternative to the iPhone 5s; the 5c also came in a variety of bright colors.

We'll find out what the 6.1-inch iPhone is called — and what colors it will come in — on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the Apple event. Tom's Guide will be covering the announcements on the ground at Apple Park, so stay tuned.

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