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iPhone X Footage Shows Lots of New Features in Action

Editor's Note: The video referenced in this story has since been removed from YouTube. It appears that posting behind the scenes footage of an unreleased device from the Apple Campus might not be the wisest thing.

If you're still thirsty for the upcoming iPhone X, we've got a tall glass of hands-on footage.

YouTuber Brooke Peterson got to check out the new device, and captured over a minute of Apple's revolutionary new phone in action.

The footage was shot during a trip to the Apple Campus with her father, who — according to a terminal at check-in — appears to be a Ken Bauer who works in the "RF Design" team. The video contains more than just the iPhone X, so jump to the 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark to skip past some retail therapy and pilates.

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The first bit of iPhone X action in the video shows how it's used for Apple Pay. Bauer walks up to a register at Caffe Macs (the Apple Campus cafeteria), unlocks the phone by looking at its screen and places it onto the NFC sensor. After the payment goes through, Bauer states that he was responsible for the Apple Pay process on the phone, so he wanted to test it.

Humorously, after Bauer refers to the phone as the "iPhone Ex," an overlay reading "TEN" falls onto the video, as if Brooke was rolling her eyes at her father for getting it wrong.

At the 3:10 mark, Peterson gives the iPhone X its first closeup, moving between home screen pages before swiping down from the top right corner to open Control Center. Then, she slides down from the notch to show previous notifications.

Later, in the calendar app, Peterson swipes up from the bottom of the screen to show how you return to the home screen from an app. She then marvels over the size of the screen, the camera app and the notes app, before her dad can show off Animojis.

Pointing to an Animoji of a wide-eyed alien saying "Take me to your leader," Bauer says "that's my face," as the animated emojis do use your own facial tics.

You may want to avoid this video if you're hungry, as the footage of Caffe Macs shows off some drool-worthy cookies and pizza.

Credit: Brooke Peterson/YouTube